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Teen Vogue: Fashion U 2012

I am more than happy to say that I have been accepted into the Teen Vogue Fashion U program of 2012. This was the initial reason for starting the blog and I truly CANNOT grasp reality and that I have been accepted into this conference. The applications were worldwide and only 500 are chosen… it’s truly an amazing experience to be given this opportunity to meet all of the editors from Teen Vogue and major fashion leaders into the industry, like Nicole Richie, stylists from American Apparel, and so many more.

Thank you ALL for supporting my blog.. this is truly a dream come true. 

– H


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Career Aspirations

As I am sitting at my desk, with a 32 oz. diet coke from wawa, leftover starbucks, and just got a new mocha ice coffee from downstairs.. I am desperately trying to keep my eyes open. Its been a long day, I have been sitting here since 2 PM… that was over 12 hours ago.

Today, was the first day that I “launched” my site out to everyone (only) via twitter, personal Facebook, and instragram. The funny this is, is that I received over 500 views since then… within the first hour…I don’t exactly know if thats “a lot”, but I feel like thats kind of… a lot. Now that that’s done, I have to start this application.

As many of you know or are about to know, I am applying (for the first time) into the Teen Vogue Fashion U program. This program is basically a famous conference for fashion-crazy, prospective students where they get a exclusive H&M shopping spree, attend workshops, private tours of the Teen Vogue buildings and work places, and you know, only meet/see presentations from a few favorites (Michael Korrs, Nicole Richie,  Vogue editors, etc.). HELLO!!!!! I MUST GET INTO THIS. That is why, with 3 jobs and an internship, I have not slept that much, have huge rings around my eyes, and barely have time to digest food, but I am determined to perfect this blog because it is apart of the application. I think I did pretty well so far.. considering the statistics.

As apart of the application, there is 6 different short-answered essays. Easy, one of my strongest suites is writing (why I enjoy this so much). However, one of them is career aspirations “What do you see yourself doing in the fashion industry in 100 words or less?”.. hmm, well I have always wanted to own a Plato’s Closet under the Winmark Corporation but it takes probably over a 1000 words to even explain what that is, I do like styling (who doesn’t though?), and I like to shop (again…who doesn’t???), but what the hell do I want to do? When I apply to fashion schools in fall, I am applying into the fashion merchandising programs because I like the business aspects of stores.. but still. What.Do.I.Want.To.Do. I have to stand out among the others applying to this, but how?.. Then it kind of hit me.

So I wrote..

About 72 minutes ago, this paragraph would have been completely different because, 72 minutes ago, I did not launch my first fashion blog website and receive over 500 views within the 60 minutes. I enjoy fashion, retail, shopping, and Teen Vogue, but I adore writing about it. My fashion career aspirations would be to obtain one of the most famous blogs to review shows, fashion weeks, and explore different retail stores. My career aspiration is to be one of the most talented and viewed fashion bloggers within the entire industry.

For any of you who personally know me, you know that; I am determined, hard working (some refer to this as “insane”), put in crazy hours, a perfectionist, intelligent, and a working knowledge of “business” basically comes within my genetics (my dad started his own when he was 17 just so he could afford college and a car and did not take out a single loan). Therefore, you know that if I want “it”, not only do I get it, but earn it, work for it, breathe for it, and I don’t stop once I get it and I want this. Not only do I want to be apart of the fashion industry, I want to make an influence on it. So, I’ll get to that point.. just give me a couple more days and a couple more posts…My career aspirations would be to make this small somewhat of a joke “what if I started my own blog?” blog and perfect it, have people actually enjoy it, expand it, and make it famous. Lets do it.

THANK YOU AGAIN for all of the support. I have received so many tweets, comments, messages (via email/facebook) of purely positive feedback about my blog. I could not be more happy that so many of my peers actually enjoy reading my non-sense. I am determined to keep the posts coming and my designs (it was the most viewed page of the entire blog, THANK YOU).

Follow me or contact me for any feedback/comments.

AND CHEERS TO US!!!!! xoxoxox


P.S I do ask of one thing….. please comment on my pages! Lets get the activity/conversations started! I love talking to all of you.

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Dream big, or go home.

dream big or go home

I wanted to write a little inspirational post and an overall “thank you” to the people who have been supporting me the last couple of weeks as I (non stopped) talked about what I have been working on.. Enjoy. Here is my story.

I made the “dream” bracelet  about two weeks ago when my best friend and I were messing around with Kandi. But little did she know (or even I) what it was going to mean to me.

Before this, I was thinking so much about what I was doing and where and how I just was not satisfied..Yes, I was having fun. Yes, I  have been meeting fantastic people.. but is this where I want to be right now? If I looked back, would I regret it? Sadly, the answer was yes. I always knew I was different, passionate, my clothes were a little bit more “out there” than my friends, and I have hard work running through my veins. This bracelet was a reminder to me, that its not over yet, I still have time to change.

I have looked at fashion schools towards the end of my junior year in high school, but was often intimated by the atmosphere of most of their campuses. I thought that I was not ready for that kind of “dog eat dog” environment. Therefore, I went to my first choice of a decent college campus, IUP, majoring in psychology (my second career choice, I wanted to do something with developing Autism), kicked ass with my grades, and was get this…. bored. Thats when I decided to start styling some of my own things and to post the pictures on instragram. I started to really enjoy doing this and took a small idea from there.

That being said when I created this, I knew right there and then, it was my turn to start chasing my dreams of having a career in fashion. I knew that my passions always were with clothes (and even writing about clothes), shopping, my retail job, and everything else in between. Thats when my blog became an idea turned into reality and then this…I was flipping through Teen Vogue, and came across an application for the Teen Vogue Fashion U. It was my time  to start chasing my dreams.I am working on the application now and taking pictures for the outfits tomorrow.. Look forward to that post, it will be a good one.

But thank you to everyone who has been supporting me.. and when I bought up this “crazy”/”insane” idea of applying to fashion schools, a lot of my friends, co-workers, and even family members responded as “um duh? We always thought you would end up there.” Well perfect, lets get this show on the road.

A little advice to all of my viewers out there, if your truest reality is not even close to your wildest dreams, it is a time for change.



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Welcome to my first post on the blog.. The site is still being constructed (as I slowly, but surely learn how to use WordPress, so hang with me).. but I have offered additional pages of some of my designs, my story of how my blog was inspired to be, and contact form. My viewers..my friends.. please take the contact form to your advantage and LET ME KNOW what YOU would like to see out of my blog. I am willing to take all feedback and want to make this blog user-friendly and successful. Here are some of my ideas..

I have been receiving a lot of questions lately of “what the point is” of my blog.. Well, I want this to be a place where I can share how I get my inspiration for clothes and most importantly… where (and I believe that some of you might be quite surprised). I receive daily questions from friends, co-workers, customers (in the retail shop I work in), and everyone else where I get the clothes and “how” I come up with the ideas to wear them. This is where I want to share that and along with my other fashion experiences.

Here are some ideas for more posts… (let me know what you think)

  1. Trend Alert With an Edge (How YOU can make popular items stand out)
  2. Thrift Store Shopping..My tricks and tips of how to do it, plan it out, and to not be overwhelmed
  3. DIY (See my designs? You like it, I’ll make a page of it!)
  4. Retail Experience (Own a store? Want to? Read my organizational tips)
  5. My Inspirations (Favorite stores, brands, make up, etc!)
  6. My College Career (I am applying to fashions schools in the fall as a fashion merchandising major)
  7. My Outfits (where and how)

and the list goes on and on..

Therefore, the point of my blog is, an easy-to-use way to share my ideas, designs, style, inspirations, buys and tips in and out of the closet for anyone interested. I am here to help and share! With this, lets make your closet delightful.



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