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Thrift Store Shopping

Whenever I go to Goodwills, vintage stores in West Chester, or even local Plato’s Closets with my friends, there is always that one person who says, “I don’t know how to do this. I’m so overwhelmed, I guess I just can’t dig..”  While I am in heaven by the large selection. Here are some tips that might help you or friends to find exactly what you are looking for in those “hiding” pieces.

1. Plan it out

Before going to any of these places, take the time to look through your closet and make a mental note of what exactly you need or what you are looking for. This can help you in several ways; saving money and to not be as overwhelmed by the entire store’s selection. When you go to the store, go to the direct section of what you need the most, first.

2. Do your research

Be that customer. Google their phone number and call ahead.. find out if they have certain brands in certain places. Take that into consideration if you are looking for a particular item by a particular brand and you will be prepared before even walking into the door.

3. Color or sizes?

Find out how the store is organized. Is it by color, sizes, or both? Where I work, it is both. Therefore, if you are looking for a certain size or color, stick to those sections. Therefore, you can just look through those particular items first and will not be overwhelmed by the rest of the store’s merchandise.

4. Use the employees

No one knows the store better than its employees. Where I work, we are highly trained in customer service and it is our daily duty to always be available for them over any tasks. That is why, whenever I go shopping and I am looking for a direct item, they are the first people I ask to put me to the correct area. Also, by doing this, you can find out recent promotions or when they get newer inventory, so you’re prepared for your next visit.

5. Start digging

After finding out what you need (the location, brand, color, and size of what you need) start digging! In thrift stores, the racks are normally packed. So, that is why I got use to looking through each and every item in a particular section. With the items hanging on the racks, you will not be able to see its full potential by just looking at its’ sleeve. Therefore, look through every single item, one at a time, on the rack to seek those hiding pieces. I do this by pushing the rest aside on the racks and flipping through each one, taking a look at the front of the item.

6. Seek the potential

If you find an item that could be the one but might need minor adjustments. Look for DIY posts or find friends that may design and see if you can make it work. I love doing this with clothing and sometimes the ending product has an awesome outcome!

Hope these small steps will make things easier, do you have a preferred method? Let me know & comment below! And your comment can be posted on my blog!

– H


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