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On Thursday, I moved into my new home at IUP with three other girls and it has been a blast. I love our house, love my roommates, and hearing word from a direct sponsorship has made this week unforgettable. I have been so happy to be here at IUP and all moved in my new room. But here are a few pictures of my room and some awesome heels I have brought for going out.

Here is a picture of my new room and my bed. The comforter is from Anthropology and I am obsessed with it. The picture in the middle was made by one of my best friends, Sarah. The outside pictures are my favorite part of my room. I got those from a smaller store in Ocean City, NJ. I love the colors of both of them with my comforter. The one picture says imagine and the other one says, you can fly if you want to. Perfect words of wisdom to wake up to every morning. Also, every year being back at school, I make my dad go to Costco and get me a huge box of Fruit by the Foot, they’re my favorite.

I got these heels from T.J Maxx for $25. With shoes in college you need to follow two rules; the cheaper, the better and make sure they are easy to walk in. I love these colors and they are very easy to match outfits with.

I got these last year from Urban Outfitters. They were a little pricey and the fabric is not holding up very well, but you can’t ignore how unique and cute they are. I wore them out the first night back at school and got a ton of compliments. Also, because of all of the colors, they can go with anything!


Cheers! And keeping checking out the blog for a room post and what my favorite aspects of my room and house are!



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Here are a few aspects of my week that have been inspiring me. I thought this would be an unique post idea every week.. I apologize for not writing more frequently, but once I head back to school and I am on a constant routine, things will fall into place.

Last week, my family and I, went to our mountain house for a couple of days. This is one of the lakes that is not too far from our house. It’s an underestimate to say that this trip was relaxing and a more than perfect place to completely clear your mind. I came up with some awesome ideas for the blog, right at this spot.

I took this on my instagram account.. How couldn’t it be in the post? Right before one of my work shifts, I looked through the September issue with some Starbucks. 916 pages.. 916 pages of pure inspiration and creativity.

Found this amazing vintage Gucci watch in my mom’s closet and have been wearing it NON stop. It’s a smaller piece, so it’s the perfect size to layer jewelry with.

Cheers -H

Next up will be a “My Favorites” of my room post! It will consist of different pictures that I am bringing to my apartment for this upcoming semester.

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Before I started my blog, I did hours and hours of research. This is because, I did not want my blog to look like a hot mess and have the excuse of “well I just started it..”. That’s just not how I do things. During my research, I picked out my favorite blogs and made notes of what I enjoyed about their blog the most, whether it was their theme or design or just some of the daily posts they did. Therefore, a ton of the blogs that I stumbled upon throughout my research always had random pictures of their bedrooms, closets (my favorite part), their “favorites” of a certain area, or random things throughout their homes.  So I decided that once a week, I will post something that has random pictures of a certain category that are my “favorites”, whether it has to do with inspiration or relaxation.. (let me know what you think of this). So my first, My Favorite Things in My Home.

Enjoy. Xoxo –H

I keep all of my headbands in this. I love the colors.

A jewelry box that my dad got for me from Paris.

Lavender insights next to my bed to set the relaxing mood before I go to sleep.

The picture is a gift that one of my best friends, Avery, made for me. I absolutely love it.

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Trend Alert: Plaid

I don’t know about all of you but even as my age increases, Teen Vogue is still my favorite magazine. Year after year, I still flip through the old issues, have piles on piles of them stacked in my room, and refuse to have it any other way (even though it drives my dad nuts). Sometimes, I still even watch some of the older seasons of The Hills, just to see the events with Teen Vogue. With that being said, in Teen Vogue’s last July issue, they did a feature on “plaid pants“, where I got the inspiration for this outfit. My two best friends, Sarah and Melissa helped me with the pictures. Sarah took them (are they not AWESOME??) and Melissa tried to give me advice on how to not look so angry in every shot (I’m 5’1 for a reason.. so I would NEVER model). Regardless, they turned out great. Thank you girls for all of your help!


Trend: Plaid pants & Denim Motorcycle Jacket

This has to be one of my favorite outfits I have ever put together and instantly posted it on my Instragram (my personal one is haileyy_nicole, Delight’s Closet will have one soon!). The pants and jacket believe this.. I bought both items SEVERAL years ago from Free People. I think I was in still in middle school, (good taste starts young, am I right?) This outfit is smooth, clean, and flows nicely is because of how it matches. (Read below).

Tip: See how the details in the jacket have red and the plaid is red? This small detail connects the two items together. While adding accessories to your outfits, match them. Like in the Instragram post below, the yellow juicy bag and belt match together or in the actual pictures, the vintage gold purse and the vintage gold necklace match. This is where you can add your own edge to your outfits (the sheer, vintage white top in all pictures/black floral headband) without making it look like its “too much”, because the other items connect. 

Tip/Trend: Another feature that Teen Vogue was all over were shorter boots. Not a fan of short boots? (Neither am I, hello height!) Pair them off with socks that you can fold over top the boots.. I do this all of the time with my favorite skiing socks… Yep.

Where I got this look?Pants: (old) Free People, Gold Purse & Necklace: Vintage, Black Boots: (old) Juicy Couture, Brown Boots: Vintage, Long-sleeve: Vintage from Goodwill (YES, MY FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP. BELIEVE IT!) Headband: Free People (on sale, for $10, holla!) 

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Photos: See contact page for photo rights.

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