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Tip of the day

Tip of the day.. start searching!

Returning to school is so exciting, but I am finding myself to be extremely tired and unmotivated… As I am trying to find new classrooms and new textbooks without a meal plan (apparently IUP and I had a little bit miscommunication about an eating plan..) and already getting homework, things have been a bit overwhelming. But naturally, my biggest concern is finding new inspiration here in Indiana that could make an unique post for the blog, which gave me an idea for a tip.

This week, whenever I can catch a break, I am going to search around for consignment shops in Indiana. I know that there are a couple and considering we are so close to Pittsburgh, the possibilities could be endless… so, I recommend to you to all do the same, you’ll never know what you can find. So shall the searching begin!



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Tip of the day #4: Online shopping, find those sites!

Few things in the world excite me as much as online shopping.. its easy, its relaxing, and with the right shipping, it arrives quickly. However, finding those “undercover” sites is simply one of the best feelings in the world. What I mean by this is a site that is not as “popular” , has an awesome variety of items, and when it’s cheap, it’s a freaking jackpot! Mikey, my awesome store manager who has a edgy and unique style showed me this one. ENJOY. And don’t forget to check out the jewelry.. these prices, you just can’t beat!

XO – H

Click Here 


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Tip of the day #3: Finding vintage jewelry.

One of the best things about creating a perfect outfit is having that bold/statement piece of jewelry. Where I find mine??.. A huge dresser that my mom got from the passing of her grandmother… (A.K.A stuffed in a corner of her closet that hasn’t been touched in years).

This past summer I moved into my dad’s house and then later on, my mom moved out of our old house. It was horrible moving out of the home that I grew up in.. but in yucky situations always look on the bright side, right? My bright side to this situation was looking through the boxes and boxes and boxes of my mom’s old jewelry. These boxes contained a ton of the costume jewelry (from her grandmother) that my mom never took interest to and gave all of it to me. 🙂 Therefore, search through your corners.. and those hidden boxes. Better yet, ask if there’s any hidden jewelry around.  Even if you do not like the chain or only like a piece of the jewelry, you can remake it to your own style.

Enjoy! -H

P.S Working on a HUGE blog post of My Fall A-Z and took the outfit photos today. THEY TURNED OUT AMAZING. So, stay tuned and check it out by the end of the weekend. Cheers!!

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Tip #2: Spice up your denim and make it your own.

Remember when we all loved making those bracelets or necklaces that we would spend hours doing and have them piled on our wrists? Tapped to our binders in school while we were “listening”? Drove our moms crazy about getting more yarn? Yes. That happened. Here’s a really easy tip/DIY post to add some details into denim to make this trend completely your own using the same kind of yarn.

Step 1: Pick a color of yarn and a denim shirt/jeans that you are going to use. I used my own DIY dip-dye shirt that I did last friday. For pants; pick one of the pockets (or both) and for shirts; pick a pocket or edge of the shirt you want to add some color to.

Step 2: With the color of your choice, split the yarn into 2 pieces (the one strand of yarn is extremely thick, so pick whatever you think you can fit into the needle.) Use about 24 inches of yarn.

Step 3: With the yarn, put it through the needle. With that end, pull it through to match the other end of the yarn and tie a knot connecting the two. So it is one circle of yarn and the needle in the middle.

Step 4: Insert the needle into the seam of where you want the detail to be (the edge of the pocket) inside of the pocket. Pull it through until the knot stops the yarn. The knot should be not seen when you wear the item. If it is seen, you inserted the needle into the wrong side.

Step 5: Keep inserting the needle inside of the pocket right next to where the last piece ended. (This sounds insanely confusing, but you are just wrapping the yarn around the fabric while working your way down the seam).

Final Step: When you have reached the end of the seam, cut the needle out of the yarn with scissors and tie a couple of knots with the two pieces so the yarn does not come out of the fabric. (This all happens on the inside of the pocket).

Ending result..

Cheers! & Start to make trends your own,


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Tip of the day. #1

Organization is key.

For the blog, I am now setting up a “schedule” for what posts I want to share on what days. I want to be able to write as much as possible, and at least 1 post per day. Therefore, I will start posting “Tip of the day” to share some of my tips that I use to create the most delightful closet. These posts will be short, sweet, and to the point. Enjoy.

For anyone who works in retail will understand this one… we always organize our closets the best. Especially the store that I work in, everything is organized within sizes and within each size, the colors of the rainbow. Therefore, take a couple of hours to organize yours… you will find old things you once loved, items you want to get rid of, and it just makes things a whole lot easier.

Tip: Change it by seasons. 

This can be time consuming, but I recommend it. Change the items in your closet by seasons. For example, all of my sweaters, sweatshirts, “darker” long sleeves (etc.) are sitting in multiple boxes underneath my bed. I changed my closet according to the seasons because it adds more room and you end up wearing more of a variety of your stuff, instead of it being all packed in there. This can become extremely overwhelming and will give you the feeling of “I have nothing to wear, but a full closet”.

By doing this, it adds room, makes you dress in season, and you will end up wearing a more variety of your clothes. So, get organizing! 

Cheers. H

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