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Just wanted to post onto the site, that I will not be posting new material until after Teen Vogue Fashion U. This is because I decided to completely re-design the entire website (with the same material and pages) and completely relaunch the blog.

The next couple of weeks, I will be completely focusing on building Delight’s Closet inventory and followers on all of my social media accounts, which you can check out here. Also, I wanted to relaunch the blog after Teen Vogue Fashion U, because then I can post all of the material of my new knowledge and adventures in New York City, where I also will be visiting FIT (the possible fashion school I might be transferring to next year).

I have not decided yet, if I am going to completely close the blog until the relaunch, but I will post on here to let everyone know.

The next couple of weeks, I am going to be making some major decisions of how much to expand Delight’s Closet. This means, that I might be choosing different individuals to join my team to run Delight’s Closet different social media accounts where representing the site at their location. Let me know what you think of this idea! 

Also the new site will contain my new sponsor’s advertisement.

I hope everyone has a couple couple of weeks, and I will be posting on here to update the new re-launch of the site.

Enjoy! – H


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As for some of you who may have remembered looking at the past posts, my very amazing and talented friend, Shannen, took pictures for the blog. If you haven’t seen them, check them out here. Click Click Click When I came back to school and started to brain-storming about different posts I wanted to do, I remembered that there were still some pictures that I haven’t posted from Shannen and I’s day. So here they are! The bleach jacket is one of my designs and check out how to make your own from this post.

The past couple of weeks have simply been amazing. There is no other word to describe my experiences and passion I now have from the outcome of this blog, getting into Teen Vogue Fashion U, and now applying to FIT. My friends and family have been nothing more than supportive behind the ideas of where I want to take this website and my future. I haven’t even had the site for two months and already have done so much with it, got into a major conference, and finishing the final details of my first sponsor. I am so happy and grateful for the blog’s outcome and most importantly, I am so proud of myself for finally pursuing not only career, but my dreams and I could not be any happier.

Cheers. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Where I got this look?: Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Bracelet: Plato’s Closet in Exton, Necklace: Normstorms

Purse: Henri Bendel

For following my daily activities, where I got my inspirations, and to follow my experiences in New York City in a couple of weeks, please check out the Follow Me page.

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Fall Must Have: Black Leather Pants

 Got mine at T.J Maxx for $20

Here is one of the outfits that I put together with these pants.

Where I got this look?: Tank: Older Forever 21, Belt, Necklace, & Bracelet: Normstorm’s, Boots: Urban Outfitters, Purse: Newer Henri Bendel (Got this a couple months ago with my mom, a 65% off sale, and it was only $90).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is another outfit.

Where I got this look?: Shoes: Older Jeffrey Campbells, Shirt: Vintage, Purse: Newer Steve Madden (Got this only for $30), Bracelet: T.J Maxx, Necklace: Older Forever 21.

Tip: Since the shoes have a dull green in them, the brighter purse will bring out the details in the shoes, which I love!

Enjoy! – H

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For today, I simply just like to have the chance to say that all victims who had loved ones involved in any part of the last 11 years.. they will never be forgotten. Today, you and your families are in my thoughts and prayers..

9/11.. Never forgot.

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The past couple of weeks could of not gone any better. I am so happy with my acceptance into TVFU and planning my trip to NYC is the highlight of my day. Also, I have been staying on top of my schoolwork, and haven’t received a grade lower than 100%. My mind and schedule has been completely stress-free! LIFE IS FANTASTIC!

One thing that I have been doing the past couple of days is going through my computer and getting rid of some old pictures.. with that being said, here are a couple of them that will be my inspirations this week. They also add to my new stress-free attitude and lifestyle..

PS.. as if things couldn’t of gotten any better, my dad and I planned a FIT visit before the first day of TVFU.. I am so excited for October.

An older picture I took summers ago of my rainbows.. they’re still my favorite flip flops!

An older picture of an “Evil Eye” bracelet I got years ago.. Still wear this all of the time.

A picture I took a while ago at a state park near my house, I have a million pictures of different cravings that I still love looking through.

I love looking through old photos and almost reliving the memories. This was taken at my High School Graduation.. it’s amazing to me how time flies. BUT LOVE THIS OUTFIT TO THIS DAY!

Hope everyone is having a great week! – H

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As you all can see from my last post, my camera is officially broken. So calling out to all bloggers, big or small, what camera do you use? Please send me suggestions by commenting below!

Thanks everyone!


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My favorite blogs.

When I decided to start a blog, there were hours and hours of work that I put into it before hand. This includes a ton of research for ads, what host to use, when to purchase a domain and so on. One aspect that I focused on was looking into the details of other fashion blogs. I did this because  I wanted to see what was popular, unique, and parts of their blogs that I enjoyed or didn’t enjoy. During my hours on google, these are by far my favorite blogs.

Pretty Shiny Sparkly

This blog is awesome because how professional it is, has countless outfit posts, and Kristina writes a ton about different make up products and so on.

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Of course this site would be on here. I am absolutely love all of Emily’s photos and how “clean” her site is. Her style is awesome and very chic. I enjoy reading all of her home decor posts or how to entertain guest.

College Fashionista

I love the idea behind the blog and all of their DIY posts. The blog just linked with Michael’s, so there is a bunch of crafty projects that I am determined to try that seem very easy.

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