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Cheap Home Decor with Ribbons

Greetings from Indiana. The current weather forecast has me wanting to do nothing other than laying in bed, drinking hot chocolate, and watching movies all day. It’s raining. It’s cold. It’s disgusting outside. To make matters worse.. I have class within the hour. However, it seemed like the perfect time to add some decor to my room. My roommate and I went to Walmart last night and bought all of the supplies for only $3.. You can’t beat that, college students! Here’s how to do it.

This is a DIY post is for hanging pictures on a wall involving ribbons, thumbtacks, and small wooden clips.

Step 1: Pick a section of the wall where you would like to hang a couple of pictures. With the ribbon and one thumbtack, stick the very end of the ribbon through the thumbtack and press it onto the wall.

Tip: If you live in a dorm room, trust me, I KNOW the room frees and damages that could be done, or if the room is one big cement block, you can use double-sided tape for the ribbon.

Step 2: With the pictures that you would like to hang (these could also be To Do lists, tickets, or etc., I have my ID card from when I spent the summer in France and England, pictures, and  a part of a card that my best friend made me), space out the ribbon of where you would like to hang what picture where. Keep adding thumbtacks between the sections of where you would like the pictures to be. Cut the ribbon at the end.

Tip: The sections between the pictures do not have to be equal. It looks more unique this way.

Step 3: Clip the pictures with the wooden clips onto the ribbon.


Get Your DIY On,



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Tip #2: Spice up your denim and make it your own.

Remember when we all loved making those bracelets or necklaces that we would spend hours doing and have them piled on our wrists? Tapped to our binders in school while we were “listening”? Drove our moms crazy about getting more yarn? Yes. That happened. Here’s a really easy tip/DIY post to add some details into denim to make this trend completely your own using the same kind of yarn.

Step 1: Pick a color of yarn and a denim shirt/jeans that you are going to use. I used my own DIY dip-dye shirt that I did last friday. For pants; pick one of the pockets (or both) and for shirts; pick a pocket or edge of the shirt you want to add some color to.

Step 2: With the color of your choice, split the yarn into 2 pieces (the one strand of yarn is extremely thick, so pick whatever you think you can fit into the needle.) Use about 24 inches of yarn.

Step 3: With the yarn, put it through the needle. With that end, pull it through to match the other end of the yarn and tie a knot connecting the two. So it is one circle of yarn and the needle in the middle.

Step 4: Insert the needle into the seam of where you want the detail to be (the edge of the pocket) inside of the pocket. Pull it through until the knot stops the yarn. The knot should be not seen when you wear the item. If it is seen, you inserted the needle into the wrong side.

Step 5: Keep inserting the needle inside of the pocket right next to where the last piece ended. (This sounds insanely confusing, but you are just wrapping the yarn around the fabric while working your way down the seam).

Final Step: When you have reached the end of the seam, cut the needle out of the yarn with scissors and tie a couple of knots with the two pieces so the yarn does not come out of the fabric. (This all happens on the inside of the pocket).

Ending result..

Cheers! & Start to make trends your own,


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DIY Friday

DIY Friday: Dip-dye denim.

What you need: 2 buckets, bleach, a hanger, and a denim shirt. (I got mine at Goodwil for $4).

The shirt before..

Step 1: Fold the shirt (as even as possible) and clip on the hanger (preferable the metal kind, they are stronger.) Put the hanger on the end or beginning of shirt, the opposite end of whichever you want to dye.

Step 2: Put the bleach into the larger bucket and water into the smaller one (bucket or bowl). I used 1/4 amount of bleach of the bleach bottle because I wanted to have more of a distressed look to the shirt. Tip: If you want your shirt to have an even line of where the bleach ends, put more bleach into the bucket, so it is easier to “dip” the shirt into.

Step 3: While holding the hanger, dip the shirt into the bleach. I dipped the shirt up until the pockets started. Like I said, with the limited amount of bleach in the bucket, it had more of an uneven look into it. (It turned out awesome!) Dip the shirt into the bleach about 2 times, 5-10 seconds each. (Depending on how light you want it to be.)

Step 4: To have the collar lighter than the rest of the bleached part, I dipped the collar into the bleach for about 10 seconds.

Step 5:  Hold the shirt above the bucket to let some of the bleach dip into the bucket.

Step 6: Let the extra bleach dip into the small bowl (or bucket) for about 2 minutes.

Step 7: With the larger bucket, rinse the bleach out (into a safe sink, one that will not be bleached), 2-3 times with cold water. Then fill the bucket with cold water and rinse out the shirt. Repeat this 2-3 times.

Step 8: Get an old towel and let the shirt dry outside for about 30 minutes.

Final Step: When the shirt has been outside for 30 minutes, put it into a washer (cold, express wash, a little tide), and let it wash! Take it out and let it dry.

Final note: Hope you guys liked my first DIY Friday post. The shirt is still currently in the washer, so I’ll post a picture later on of what the outcome is. It looks awesome so far! Every Friday, I am going to post a DIY Friday of some sort of project I did.

Tip: To add an even more “detailed” look to your shirt, needle some beads or yarn around the edge of the pockets, or stud it up!

Enjoy & get your DIY on.

Cheers, – H

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