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The past couple of weeks could of not gone any better. I am so happy with my acceptance into TVFU and planning my trip to NYC is the highlight of my day. Also, I have been staying on top of my schoolwork, and haven’t received a grade lower than 100%. My mind and schedule has been completely stress-free! LIFE IS FANTASTIC!

One thing that I have been doing the past couple of days is going through my computer and getting rid of some old pictures.. with that being said, here are a couple of them that will be my inspirations this week. They also add to my new stress-free attitude and lifestyle..

PS.. as if things couldn’t of gotten any better, my dad and I planned a FIT visit before the first day of TVFU.. I am so excited for October.

An older picture I took summers ago of my rainbows.. they’re still my favorite flip flops!

An older picture of an “Evil Eye” bracelet I got years ago.. Still wear this all of the time.

A picture I took a while ago at a state park near my house, I have a million pictures of different cravings that I still love looking through.

I love looking through old photos and almost reliving the memories. This was taken at my High School Graduation.. it’s amazing to me how time flies. BUT LOVE THIS OUTFIT TO THIS DAY!

Hope everyone is having a great week! – H


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Fall Favorite: Sheer Tops

Almost from every store I walk into, I just can’t get enough of detailed sheer tops. They have been my favorite to wear out, to class, and even when I am feeling lazy. They are easy to layer with and I am never afraid to wear them out since the sheer fabric is so easy to clean. Here’s a picture of my few favorite.

Where I got this look?: The pink one is an older Urban Outfitters, the yellow, green, and light blue are recently from T.J Maxx ($12-$14), the black one is from Forever 21, and the white one is vintage.


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Favorites: My room.

Its always a little unsettling coming back to school because of being use to living with your parents, no homework, no classes, and someone else cooks your food or does your laundry. For me, it has been a little overwhelming. I just moved into a townhouse with three other girls and sharing a room with one of my them and I still have no idea where half of my things are. Also the last thing I feel like doing is reading twenty pages about anthropology.. I am taking extremely hard classes this semester and already have several homework assignments and a paper due tomorrow. And as I was starting to take pictures for this post, my camera broke and then I realized I don’t even have the correct cords to load all of the pictures into my computer. Yikes.

Regardless of all of these different stressors, I took a deep breathe, put on some happy music, and started taking pictures with my iPhone. On the bright side, this can be the new push that I need to get a new camera that I have been begging my parents for (SEND ME SUGGESTIONS!) Anyway, here are some pictures of my new room and some of my favorite aspects of it. Enjoy! Hope you are all having a better week than I am.


My dad just bought me a new gel mattress pad.. therefore, this is my favorite place to be all times, all hours of the day. The comforter is from Anthropologie.


 Both of these hang above my bed. I am obsessed with them.

I love little home decor pieces like this. I got this from Urban last year on sale for only $10 when I was shopping for my dorm room.

The necklace holder is huge and awesome, I can fit a ton of stuff on it. Both of these things are sitting on my dresser next to my TV. Also, I got the corner of the bag of candy in the picture, they are my favorite.

I apologize for the quality of the picture, but here is my closet. I must say, it takes some major skill to organize this thing and to decide where to put what so it isn’t overflowing.. The rest of my stuff is under my bed though.

I will try to post different material as often as I can with this upcoming semester and hopefully I will get a new camera soon!


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On Thursday, I moved into my new home at IUP with three other girls and it has been a blast. I love our house, love my roommates, and hearing word from a direct sponsorship has made this week unforgettable. I have been so happy to be here at IUP and all moved in my new room. But here are a few pictures of my room and some awesome heels I have brought for going out.

Here is a picture of my new room and my bed. The comforter is from Anthropology and I am obsessed with it. The picture in the middle was made by one of my best friends, Sarah. The outside pictures are my favorite part of my room. I got those from a smaller store in Ocean City, NJ. I love the colors of both of them with my comforter. The one picture says imagine and the other one says, you can fly if you want to. Perfect words of wisdom to wake up to every morning. Also, every year being back at school, I make my dad go to Costco and get me a huge box of Fruit by the Foot, they’re my favorite.

I got these heels from T.J Maxx for $25. With shoes in college you need to follow two rules; the cheaper, the better and make sure they are easy to walk in. I love these colors and they are very easy to match outfits with.

I got these last year from Urban Outfitters. They were a little pricey and the fabric is not holding up very well, but you can’t ignore how unique and cute they are. I wore them out the first night back at school and got a ton of compliments. Also, because of all of the colors, they can go with anything!


Cheers! And keeping checking out the blog for a room post and what my favorite aspects of my room and house are!


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My Fall Attire

Today I was suppose to be back to school shopping (kitchen and bathroom esstentials..it’s all boring to me).. but naturally it turned into buying clothes, surprise there! So I went into my work (local consignment store) and got multiple fall pieces that I know will be worn down to the core by the first snow fall.

Heels: Tribal & Animal Prints

I bought these two AMAZING pairs of shoes that I plan on prancing up and down IUP’s campus in about a week.

I picked these shoes out at T.J Maxx for $10 (they were on clearance).

(As you can see) these shoes have no straps on them (which explains why they are on clearance). Therefore, tomorrow I am going to make a trip to Michael’s and get orange-colored ribbon to use as the straps. Tip: This could be a great idea for a change of look with other shoes.

These shoes were originally from H&M (and I believe they are still in the stores) but I only got them for $11. Since the color and style are both so basic, they will be easily worn going to class or going out this semester.

Printed Jeans

I had my eyes on these bad boys for a while at work, but never got the nerve to finally get them… and now, couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Since the color is somewhat dull, the jeans will look very chic with a pair of brown boots and a white T.. a perfect going to class outfit.


Detailed Dresses

When I was packing, I was becoming quite bored with the same style and look to the dresses that I was planning on bringing to school. Luckily, I found both of these items today and I am IN LOVE with the details on both of them.

I love the top part of this dress.

I hope this post gave all of you some ideas for your back to school shopping (cannot believe that summer is actually over). At least we all have these amazing trends to look forward too. Comment below & let me know what some of the items you are all purchasing! Cheers & Happy Shopping – H

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