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Cheap Home Decor with Ribbons

Greetings from Indiana. The current weather forecast has me wanting to do nothing other than laying in bed, drinking hot chocolate, and watching movies all day. It’s raining. It’s cold. It’s disgusting outside. To make matters worse.. I have class within the hour. However, it seemed like the perfect time to add some decor to my room. My roommate and I went to Walmart last night and bought all of the supplies for only $3.. You can’t beat that, college students! Here’s how to do it.

This is a DIY post is for hanging pictures on a wall involving ribbons, thumbtacks, and small wooden clips.

Step 1: Pick a section of the wall where you would like to hang a couple of pictures. With the ribbon and one thumbtack, stick the very end of the ribbon through the thumbtack and press it onto the wall.

Tip: If you live in a dorm room, trust me, I KNOW the room frees and damages that could be done, or if the room is one big cement block, you can use double-sided tape for the ribbon.

Step 2: With the pictures that you would like to hang (these could also be To Do lists, tickets, or etc., I have my ID card from when I spent the summer in France and England, pictures, and  a part of a card that my best friend made me), space out the ribbon of where you would like to hang what picture where. Keep adding thumbtacks between the sections of where you would like the pictures to be. Cut the ribbon at the end.

Tip: The sections between the pictures do not have to be equal. It looks more unique this way.

Step 3: Clip the pictures with the wooden clips onto the ribbon.


Get Your DIY On,



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Favorites: My room.

Its always a little unsettling coming back to school because of being use to living with your parents, no homework, no classes, and someone else cooks your food or does your laundry. For me, it has been a little overwhelming. I just moved into a townhouse with three other girls and sharing a room with one of my them and I still have no idea where half of my things are. Also the last thing I feel like doing is reading twenty pages about anthropology.. I am taking extremely hard classes this semester and already have several homework assignments and a paper due tomorrow. And as I was starting to take pictures for this post, my camera broke and then I realized I don’t even have the correct cords to load all of the pictures into my computer. Yikes.

Regardless of all of these different stressors, I took a deep breathe, put on some happy music, and started taking pictures with my iPhone. On the bright side, this can be the new push that I need to get a new camera that I have been begging my parents for (SEND ME SUGGESTIONS!) Anyway, here are some pictures of my new room and some of my favorite aspects of it. Enjoy! Hope you are all having a better week than I am.


My dad just bought me a new gel mattress pad.. therefore, this is my favorite place to be all times, all hours of the day. The comforter is from Anthropologie.


 Both of these hang above my bed. I am obsessed with them.

I love little home decor pieces like this. I got this from Urban last year on sale for only $10 when I was shopping for my dorm room.

The necklace holder is huge and awesome, I can fit a ton of stuff on it. Both of these things are sitting on my dresser next to my TV. Also, I got the corner of the bag of candy in the picture, they are my favorite.

I apologize for the quality of the picture, but here is my closet. I must say, it takes some major skill to organize this thing and to decide where to put what so it isn’t overflowing.. The rest of my stuff is under my bed though.

I will try to post different material as often as I can with this upcoming semester and hopefully I will get a new camera soon!


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