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1. To add plugins on WordPress for  DC’s Instagram account to appear on the site.

2. Transfer all of blog’s content to different host, so even more of a creative edge will be appearing onto the blog.

3. Start shopping for Teen Vogue Fashion U.

4. Get a new camera before New York City.

5. Finish FIT’s application.

6. Completely re-design Delight’s Closet.

7. Start looking for inspiration for some DIY Halloween costumes.

8. Purchase new curtains for my new house in my room. (Send me suggestions!)

9. Take a ton of pictures of Indiana’s Oak Grove during this season.

10. Promote, promote, promote! When Delight’s Closet is re-designed, a sponsor ad will appear! Stay tune and find out more about Plato’s Closet in Exton, where I work and get a ton of my inspiration from.

11. And most importantly, to spend more time on blog’s posts! I will  make a goal to make sure I post at least four times a week.

Considering the first day of Fall was only a couple of days ago, I thought this post was essential. I know that my schedule looks a little busy, but I am so exciting for this October’s upcoming events! Who else has big plans for the Fall?  

– H


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Teen Vogue: Fashion U 2012

I am more than happy to say that I have been accepted into the Teen Vogue Fashion U program of 2012. This was the initial reason for starting the blog and I truly CANNOT grasp reality and that I have been accepted into this conference. The applications were worldwide and only 500 are chosen… it’s truly an amazing experience to be given this opportunity to meet all of the editors from Teen Vogue and major fashion leaders into the industry, like Nicole Richie, stylists from American Apparel, and so many more.

Thank you ALL for supporting my blog.. this is truly a dream come true. 

– H

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