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My Fall Attire

Today I was suppose to be back to school shopping (kitchen and bathroom esstentials..it’s all boring to me).. but naturally it turned into buying clothes, surprise there! So I went into my work (local consignment store) and got multiple fall pieces that I know will be worn down to the core by the first snow fall.

Heels: Tribal & Animal Prints

I bought these two AMAZING pairs of shoes that I plan on prancing up and down IUP’s campus in about a week.

I picked these shoes out at T.J Maxx for $10 (they were on clearance).

(As you can see) these shoes have no straps on them (which explains why they are on clearance). Therefore, tomorrow I am going to make a trip to Michael’s and get orange-colored ribbon to use as the straps. Tip: This could be a great idea for a change of look with other shoes.

These shoes were originally from H&M (and I believe they are still in the stores) but I only got them for $11. Since the color and style are both so basic, they will be easily worn going to class or going out this semester.

Printed Jeans

I had my eyes on these bad boys for a while at work, but never got the nerve to finally get them… and now, couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Since the color is somewhat dull, the jeans will look very chic with a pair of brown boots and a white T.. a perfect going to class outfit.


Detailed Dresses

When I was packing, I was becoming quite bored with the same style and look to the dresses that I was planning on bringing to school. Luckily, I found both of these items today and I am IN LOVE with the details on both of them.

I love the top part of this dress.

I hope this post gave all of you some ideas for your back to school shopping (cannot believe that summer is actually over). At least we all have these amazing trends to look forward too. Comment below & let me know what some of the items you are all purchasing! Cheers & Happy Shopping – H


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My Favorite Fall Trends

Trends in Post: Printed jeans & short boots

Last Sunday I went to King of Prussia to buy an outfit for my visit to FIT next week (CANNOT WAIT). I ended up getting the metallic boots and snakeskin printed jeans. Here are the pictures of the outfits and ideas for both of these trends for the upcoming season. Enjoy! Also, check out Shannen’s site at the end of the blog for more of her photos, she is amazing!

Where I got this look?: Pants and Purse: (older) Urban Outfitters, Shirt and Boots: (in stores now) at Urban Outfitters, Necklace and Ring: Vintage

Where I got this look?: Jeans, Boots, and Necklace: (in stores now) Urban Outfitters, Shirt: (older) T.J Maxx, Vest: Thrift Store, Earrings: Costume Vintage, Blue Bracelet: (older) Lucky, Gold Bracelet: T.J Maxx

Tip: For collared shirts or tanks, find a smaller necklace to wrap around the collar.


Which jean outfit do you like?

Check out more of Shannen’s photos here!

Enjoy & let me know what you think!

Cheers – H


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My favorite fall trends.

Trends in post: Costume vintage jewelry, short boots, printed pants, & big sweaters.

As fall semester is quickly approaching for most of us (and the limited time for all of the packing, book ordering, & etc), I thought now would be the best time for a fall outfit post! Here are some of my favorite fall trends and newer things I got for the approaching school year. Also, my friend Shannen took all of the photos (and they look AMAZING), so check out her site that I will post at the end of the blog… enjoy.

Outfit: Boho Chic

I love this outfit because of how comfortable the pants are. Therefore, I thought it would be a great choice for early morning classes and more ideas for comfortable clothing for those (gotta love them) 8 AMS..

Tip: If you are wearing baggy clothing (like the pants and  the sweater), pick a tighter tank or shirt to wear underneath the sweater so the entire outfit does not look so big on a figure. Also if you are wearing baggy pants, always pick shorter boots to go with them. With taller boots, the extra fabric around the knee ends up folding over.

Where I got this look?: Pants & Necklaces: Goodwill, Tank: H&M, Sweater: (older) Pac Sun, Boots: Vintage, Purse: (older) Free People, Bracelet: T.J Maxx


Check out Shannen’s photos here!

I styled several more outfits for fall trends posts, so follow any of the media accounts for when the posts will be up!

Cheers – H

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