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The past couple of weeks could of not gone any better. I am so happy with my acceptance into TVFU and planning my trip to NYC is the highlight of my day. Also, I have been staying on top of my schoolwork, and haven’t received a grade lower than 100%. My mind and schedule has been completely stress-free! LIFE IS FANTASTIC!

One thing that I have been doing the past couple of days is going through my computer and getting rid of some old pictures.. with that being said, here are a couple of them that will be my inspirations this week. They also add to my new stress-free attitude and lifestyle..

PS.. as if things couldn’t of gotten any better, my dad and I planned a FIT visit before the first day of TVFU.. I am so excited for October.

An older picture I took summers ago of my rainbows.. they’re still my favorite flip flops!

An older picture of an “Evil Eye” bracelet I got years ago.. Still wear this all of the time.

A picture I took a while ago at a state park near my house, I have a million pictures of different cravings that I still love looking through.

I love looking through old photos and almost reliving the memories. This was taken at my High School Graduation.. it’s amazing to me how time flies. BUT LOVE THIS OUTFIT TO THIS DAY!

Hope everyone is having a great week! – H


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