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Tip #2: Spice up your denim and make it your own.

Remember when we all loved making those bracelets or necklaces that we would spend hours doing and have them piled on our wrists? Tapped to our binders in school while we were “listening”? Drove our moms crazy about getting more yarn? Yes. That happened. Here’s a really easy tip/DIY post to add some details into denim to make this trend completely your own using the same kind of yarn.

Step 1: Pick a color of yarn and a denim shirt/jeans that you are going to use. I used my own DIY dip-dye shirt that I did last friday. For pants; pick one of the pockets (or both) and for shirts; pick a pocket or edge of the shirt you want to add some color to.

Step 2: With the color of your choice, split the yarn into 2 pieces (the one strand of yarn is extremely thick, so pick whatever you think you can fit into the needle.) Use about 24 inches of yarn.

Step 3: With the yarn, put it through the needle. With that end, pull it through to match the other end of the yarn and tie a knot connecting the two. So it is one circle of yarn and the needle in the middle.

Step 4: Insert the needle into the seam of where you want the detail to be (the edge of the pocket) inside of the pocket. Pull it through until the knot stops the yarn. The knot should be not seen when you wear the item. If it is seen, you inserted the needle into the wrong side.

Step 5: Keep inserting the needle inside of the pocket right next to where the last piece ended. (This sounds insanely confusing, but you are just wrapping the yarn around the fabric while working your way down the seam).

Final Step: When you have reached the end of the seam, cut the needle out of the yarn with scissors and tie a couple of knots with the two pieces so the yarn does not come out of the fabric. (This all happens on the inside of the pocket).

Ending result..

Cheers! & Start to make trends your own,



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